I offer a part-time freelancing service in my spare time evenings & weekends. My core services are Digital Product Design (UI/UX) and Website Development.

To keep things simple, I charge a universal rate of £44 per hour. 

Usually, I will only raise an invoice after the agreed work has been completed and signed off by the client.

Alternative contracts may be considered – such as monthly retainer agreements or equity stakes.

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Digital Product Design.

I have 3+ years of full-time Design experience with Apropos, ShareIn, and ClearSky Logic.

Digital product design involves creating the design for digital products, such as websites, web apps, and mobile apps. This includes everything from the overall user interface to the specific elements on a page or screen.

The process of digital product design typically involves understanding the needs and goals of the users, conducting research and analysis, creating basic wireframes and/or clickable prototypes.

Website Development.

Almost all of my previous projects have included a small website of some kind.

I usually build small scale websites on WordPress using Elementor Pro – A fast and efficient approach to launching a website quickly and with ease. It also helps to keep the development costs down. 

I do have development experience with much larger Web Applications  – but this is not the type of work that I’m looking to offer at the moment (it takes up too much of my time). 

I mainly work with Financial Advisers and local Tradesmen who are looking for an online presence. Open to working with new clients in any industry.


For more information about my Freelancing capabilities and availability, please get in touch.