At ShareIn, we design and build unique solutions, for companies who are interested in investment-based crowdfunding.

We support a variety of clients with diverse interests and/or requirements, such as ethical investment, funding for legal litigation cases and property investment. 

Currently working a fully remote hybrid role, splitting my working day between product design and front-end development.

Design stack: Sketch, InVision, Adobe Suite
Dev stack: C#, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure DevOps, Microsites

Here are some noteworthy clients we’re working for: 

Triodos Bank Crowdfunding – Invest directly in UK-based organisations putting people and planet first.

Energise Africa – An award winning UK crowdfunding platform enabling everyday people to invest from just £50 to support renewable energy projects (home solar) in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Ethex – Helping everyday people make ethical investments that fund extraordinary organisations

Shojin – A new way to invest in property, giving investors access to lucrative opportunities which were previously out of reach.

Qardus – A business financing marketplace that is ethical and end-to-end sharia compliant.

Axiafunder – A litigation funding platform, which offers investors direct access to pre-vetted commercial litigation investment opportunities.